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Self-Cleaning Filters is Better Business

By Billy T 2016-06-03 00:00:00

Industries rely on particular foundations in order to properly function with maximum efficiency and minimum problem. This holds true to an entirely new level when you are dealing with sensitive and potentially dangerous materials. Depending on the industry there are normally a number of different approaches one can take to address this burden. The following industries share a very practical solution:

And that solution is filtering equipment.

Taking the time to insure you have effective filters in place to insure that pipelines are clear and that there are no buildups of hazardous materials creates the opportunity to watch an operation run safe and efficiently.

The following filters are a few solid options to make sure you’re bringing the best to your field of business:

Filtomat M100
The M100 filter has an option of being piston or piston-less. There is a setting that enables the self-cleaning process to activate once pressure reads at a certain level. As the process takes place the flushing valve opens and streams the filtered contents to the atmosphere.

There is a suction effect at the nozzle to clear any and all material that processes through the filter.

Filtomat M300
This filter’s self-cleaning process is activated via the rinse controller as a result of the hydraulic valves and pistons being triggered and causes water from the motor to flow outward. Pressure is generated inside of the filter causing a collection of dirt and other material to be collected and then released as the

Filtomat EBS
The EBS filter is an automatic filter; its cleaning mechanism is reliant on an electric motor. Its design makes it able to accommodate a variety of screens that range from 500 to 10 micron. The filter is also available in the range of 8” to 24” in inlet/outlet diameter.

Filtomat SAF
The SAF automatic filter series are designed with a self-cleaning process made possible via an electric motor. It works with a variety of degrees of filtration ranging from 500 to 10 micron.

The Minitwist automatic filter is, as the name entitles, fully automatic. It has a self-cleaning filtration system that operates at 0-100 US GPM. Dirt removal is as precise as 20 micron and uses a minimal amount of moisture during the process. The filtration itself operates from the bottom of the filter, which then leads into a screen, which is then filtered outside of the screen.

A solid and dependable filter can make a huge different in each and every one of these areas of business. Insure that you are maximizing on not only the efficiency of your operation, but the safety as well. Look into any of the above and you will be pleased with your results. Visit Pelmar Engineering if you would like to learn more.

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