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Is Your Network Secured – An Introduction to Network Security for Managers

By admin 2016-08-01 00:00:00

Managers of any organization love to manage things, and by manage it often means delegating the jobs to their subordinates. There is certainly no harm in it and this is what being a manager means, however, when the question is that of security of organization data and resources, it is best to have a basic knowledge about the type of security being implemented at any organization. In the past decades, with the advancement in technology, cyber spying has increased rapidly. Recession is probably one of those times when the number of cyber-attacks and corporate spying is at all-time high. This can be associated with the fact that there is high competition in the market. In most cases, internal employees having high security clearance are the ones responsible behind leakage of confidential data. Being the manager of an organization it is your duty to ensure best security.

An introduction to network security for managers

Being a manager you will most certainly not have to go deep into the security protocols. However, here is a basic idea about the security measures that are adopted by any network administrator to ensure protection of internal data against unauthorized access and other cyber-attacks.

DNS or Domain Name System is the soft target in case of any cyber-attack. Due to the absence of any inherent DNS security protocol it is the easiest target. Thus, ensuring best DNS security protocol is the first step towards ensuring network security.

Organizations dealing with multiple IP addresses should also have a robust IPAM system or IP address management system in place. The work of the IPAM is to keep track of all the IP in use within the organization and also allocation of random IP in case of any new requirement. The entire process can be secured through network automation. It will also make sure that man-hours are not lost behind allocation and management of IP addresses. IPAM ensures that there is no IP conflict within the network and also check external attack through creation of unauthorized IP address to gain access to the network. Efficient organizations use efficient IPAM software of BlueCat to get the best possible results.

Virtualization of the network resource is increasingly being adopted as a highly cost-effective means to ensure high network security. Use of cloud servers to run instances of processes or even to store data by various organizations is the new trend. Introduction of a virtual network makes sure that the processes are terminated the moment the job is completed. This prevents unauthorized access of application or data. Since the entire application as well as the data are stores using cloud server technology, there is negligible probability of any direct attack on the server. Remote location of the server also guarantees anonymity. Besides, cost for maintenance of server network is removed from the scenario.

Be safe than sorry!

There is no point taking precautions after having suffered a loss. Being the manager of an organization if should be your call to ensure top level security to guarantee protection of confidential organizational data against all sorts of attack. Employing the latest cyber security measures is the perfect step towards achieving this goal.

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