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How to Utilize Social Media in Real Estate Agent Marketing?

By admin 2016-07-18 00:00:00

If there is one sound and sure investment anywhere on this green earth, real estate is sure to bag that title. The real estate industry has had some interesting curves over the past few years and the competition among real estate agents is heating up.The competition is fierce, and these days you’ll need expert online and offline marketing skills to set yourself apart from the pack. It is a tricky business overall and while it is hard enough to woo clients and convince them to buy or sell their properties, acting as your own advertising agency is an added labor in itself. Constant evolution, new frontiers, and ever growing competition. All this has made realtor marketing a cut throat market.

In this situation, it becomes imperative to try out novel marketing techniques and increase one’s reach and presence. Not only in the real world but also through the virtual maze of cyberspace. The reach of the internet effectively acts as a force multiplier for any campaign and is an essential part of increasing one’s footprint in the real world. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we now focus on how to use social media to achieve our goals.

A number of studies have revealed that more than 90% of buyers use the web to hunt for properties. This strongly suggests a trend for all real estate agent marketing firms to have an established online presence, reinforcing the need for a proactive social media push. A proven trick is to appeal to the client’s senses. Use keywords that compose a picture and trigger the imagination of the buyer. It is about selling your product by telling stories that go to the heart. Writing short but appealing listings will be a great step in this direction.

In addition to this, short videos that hit home can help you gain popularity just by investing in a great plot and actors who can connect with the audience. These go viral in ashort time and break the internet all over. There are no truly no boundaries to how you do it and whom you may target. Funny insightful videos engage the masses and are shared in as if in a chain reaction. Even if the receiver isn’t your target, they may send the link to a third person who is.

You can use the social media to introduce new user-friendly options like a call-me-back feature or an automated query button to enable quick brochure downloads and open listings available with you at the time. Save the details of every prospective client. Some may consider it to be an insolent bugging. But when it comes to money, niceties take second place to new ideas. Data usage can easily increase the yield of your efforts exponentially. Sending regular emails to clients with relevant information is also a great way to keep in touch. It need be the fruits of your own labor. Rather various blogs and discussion forms can be brought in and giving due credit, have their mind mumblings used by you. Direct mail newsletters for realtors from Morris Marketing can get clients hooked to your tidbits.

Other options like Google AdWords and paid social media platform advertising are also quite effective. They cost a paltry sum and come loaded with options.

Your time is limited and hence precious. Simply, time is money. So save where it matter and splurge where it pays. Embrace the power of social media and online outreach and make your advertising less about you and more about the clients. Following these simple tips, you can take it all in.



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