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Comparison Between Various ID Card Printers: Know What’s Best For You

By Billy T 2016-09-20 00:00:00

Identity Cards play an important role in maintaining the image of a company, institution or a specific event. As long as determining the identity of an individual is concerned, ID Cards have evolved over a period of time and have become more secure and reliable.

Printing of such cards is done by some advanced printers which have been made for the sole purpose of printing ID cards.

The purpose of these printers can range from printing ID cards for small firms to the high scale requirements of large government ID card projects. ID card printers can be classified on the basis of:

Depending upon the purpose and efficiency of printing, the printers can be classified into:

High-Security Retransfer Card Printers:

With the excellent quality of printing and remarkable color textures, these printers are one of the best when it comes to high and mid volume printing tasks. High-quality images are printed through these printers. These printers use the Reverse Transfer technology in which before being applied to the card, the image is transferred to a retransfer film. The price range of these printers is higher as compared to high-performance card printers.

High-Performance Card Printers:

These printers provide superb quality card printing for medium to high volume printing tasks. These printers yield best in class performance. Although they are fast, they are much reliable for all medium to high-level printing tasks. They are widely used in Healthcare, transport, and education.

Professional Card Printers:

These are user-friendly, easy to use printers. They offer a more versatile printing by being able to print on both sides of a card.

If you are looking for efficient printing for low-medium volume printing tasks, a Professional Card Printer is the best option. You can get it, or any of the ID card printers listed in this blog, from Avon Security at the best possible prices.

Moreover, these printers are easily accessible and don’t require any skill to be handled well. They can be used for printing branch office cards or retail & membership cards.

Standard Card Printers:

With their affordable price ranges and high-quality printing, the Standard Card Printers prove to be bestsuited for low volume printing purposes. However, they can only print on single side.

But, since they are mostly used for small scale purposes, they are very efficient.

Moreover, there are other criteria as well for determining the performance of a printer. Encoding options are now a day an important aspect in the printing of ID cards. There are various ways of distinguishing the identity of an individual.

Barcodes, magnetic stripes, and contact or contactless smart cards are the new innovations in ID card printing which enable the company or institution to determine the identity of their own members more precisely. With such a great variety of printers, we should choose what is best suited for our purpose and definitely make no compromises with the standards.

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